Kid-friendly Cauliflower

April 19, 2012   |   1 Comment
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Cauliflower is not easy to love.  So if I want Mingus and Beluga to savor it, I need to amp up the flavor.  My plan is to entice the boys with shocking yellow, bestowed by a sizable amount of turmeric, and balance the texture of crumbly cauliflower with sweet chewy cranberries.

We steam the whole cauliflower first in 3 inches of water in a medium pot, until soft.  Then, I throw a handful of ice cubes into the pot to cool it all down quickly – the kids and I are eager to get started.  I hand the entire cauliflower over to Mingus and ask him to cut it in chunks – the details are up to him:) The surprise of this freedom earns me a big smile. William cuts cauliflower

We pour olive oil into a pan.  I explain we’re going to add spices and he dashes for a chair to reach the spice cabinet.  Rather than dampen his enthusiasm with a rigid recipe, I say, “Great!”  He grabs the nutmeg and I think, “Why not?”  After he shakes nutmeg all over the pan, I hand him a little bowl with about 3 tbsp of turmeric and ask him to empty it into the pan.  He’s happy to comply.  Next step, add the cauliflower.  Mingus cries out, “Wait!  I want to lick the spices like a dog!”  licking spices

He crouches down on the floor and sticks his tongue into raw turmeric.  He’s delighted.  By this time, Beluga is done sitting on my lap – he wants to get his paws messy too.  boys add cauliflower to pan

boys add cauliflower 2 Boys mix cauliflower, olive oil and turmeric Cauliflower is everywhere – in the pan, on the floor, in their mouths, passed from hand to hand.  But, it’s all okay.  In the end, we load it back into the pan, I sautee it in the skillet, add some cranberries, a dash of salt, and done – a beautiful and tasty side ready for dinner.    Cauliflower with turmeric and cranberries

1 Comment

  • Linn
    March 16, 2014 at 4:10 pm

    Mashed cauliflower is a great substitute for mashed potatoes. Combining the two is also great. Those little hands could do wonders for both.
    I am a 45 y/o and just learning what these two little one’s are being taught. I guess an old dog can learn new tricks, lol!

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