Carrot Soup

June 1, 2012   |   0 Comments
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A few days ago, Mingus looked down at his plate, furrowed his brow and critiqued the meal, “Carrots are my favorite vegetable.”  He said it cheerfully enough that I made a note to give him carrots at lunch the next day.  And he devoured them.  So I served carrots again last night at dinner.

Are my kids getting enough Vitamin K? Check!

Then this morning at Fairway, freshly spritzed (organic) carrots caught my eye and I thought, “The boys obviously like ’em; let’s make soup.”


Later, when I take the carrots out of the fridge, Beluga anticipates what’s next.  He drags a chair over to the sink and makes every effort to climb up.  Finally, he looks over at me and says, “Hep!”  I put him in the sink and we scrub the carrots together.

Mingus reaches up from the floor and scores a carrot from his brother.  He flies it around the kitchen – suddenly, a vegetable that spent most of its life in the gound is a Saturn V rocket.  I tell him, “The green leaves are almost like flames coming out of the rocket!”.  He turns the carrot upside down, aims it to the ground, and says, “Or the parachute!”

Carrot Launch

When Mingus’ imagination shifts back to the project at hand, I give him the job of ripping the leaves off the large pile of carrots.  It isn’t the simple task that it is for an adult.  He wrestles with each carrot – twisting, cracking, tossing.

William removes leaves

When the pot holds all the carrots, Mingus hauls it towards the sink, I hoist it up, add water, and move the pot onto the stove, adding garlic and onion.  It cooks 45 minutes.  Happily, in the world of toddlers, that’s exactly the amount of time needed for a potty break.

Cook Carrots

Afterwards, the carrots are too hot to mash right away, so I decide we’ll put together a tasty garnish.

A basil plant sits in our window.  We harvest a stalk, pull off the leaves, then add pine nuts, Parmesan and olive oil to a mortar.  Mingus pounds the mixture.   Mingus mashes pine nuts-iPhone

The carrots have cooled and Mingus loads the carrots into our little food processor, breaking them in half by hand so they fit.  I add two cubes of vegetable bouillon to punch up the flavor.

We mash the soup in two rounds.  As the second round ends, Mingus spies a few bits of leftover carrot in the pot and mashes them with his hands, his power-hungry toddler voice crying out, “I am like Megatron!”

William plays Megatron We assemble the soup.  It looks and tastes delicious.  But, alas, Mingus and Beluga have finally had enough carrots and they won’t touch a drop.  Good thing Daddy likes carrot soup!  When we reheat it at 10PM after the kids are asleep, it is delicious.

Carrot Soup:

Three bunches of carrots

Half an onion

One clove garlic

Two cubes vegetable bouillon

Clean the carrots, remove their stems, add them to a pot of water and cook for 45 minutes.  Mash the carrots, onion, garlic and a little of the pot water in a food processor with two cubes of vegetable bouillon until smooth.  Add more pot water to the mash-up until the consistency of it pleases you:)  A dash of salt and pepper make it tasty.  A side of bread makes it a meal.


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