Kids in a Candy Shop

August 3, 2012   |   0 Comments
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My family is walking around Dublin when my brother reflects, “Ireland is very ‘Irish’.”  It’s true.  The countryside is supremely green.  Pubs and churches are everywhere.  Hunting for an afternoon pick-me-up, we notice another local oddity: candy purveyors are more common than coffee shops.

The kids are exhausted and we have been carrying them for an hour.  Sugaring them up seems like good option.  So we stop a local and explain, “We’re looking for a nearby candy shop…”  He brightly says, “Well, there are a few.”   After discussing the various genres of candy shop – who knew there were so many? – we settle on the “Olde” kind and a few blocks later arrive at Mr. Simms.

I am surprised to see that there are no children in the store – these are adults buying candy, in bulk, for themselves.

Bob directs William and Andrew to, “Pick two.”  Then adds, “We can all pick two.”  Andy discovers candy themed toys, over by the front of the store, clutches them dearly, and seems quite happy to oggle the rest.

William quickly finds the shelves of chocolate and selects a bar covered in mini marshmallows called Lumpy Road.  The cashier recommends, “Bubblicious” – a bubble gum flavored chocolate.  There’s also Bananarama, Cinder Crunch, and Orange Surprise (laced with fizzy bits).  I pick the Marzi Bar for myself.

We taste-test an assortment of gummies and bon bons at the counter.  Checking out, I try to put my purchases in my husband’s goody bag; he says with a smile, “No, no.  Get your own.”  I guess we’re all kids in a candy shop.


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