We’re Going Apple Picking

October 8, 2012   |   0 Comments
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I hoist Mingus into the car, strap Beluga into his car seat and start the engine.  “We’re going apple picking,” I explain to the boys.  “Why?,” Beluga asks. “Where?,” Mingus demands.  20 Questions is their way to get me talking.  So I explain there are more than 7,000 different types of apples and they all have different characteristics.  Some are yellow, some are green, some are red.  Some are particularly sweet, others are bitter.  Some have great crunch.

We drive to Stewart’s Farm, the oldest apple orchard in Westchester County, and about an hour north of New York City.  They have nine varieties of apples.  I’ll be trying to steer the boys towards the Macintosh and Macouns.

We arrive and there are apples everywhere.  But as the boys walk among the trees, I realize that the bounty of apples is over 4 feet. Children have picked the low-hanging-fruit near the parking lot bare.

We walk further into the orchard and a few apples entice Beluga under the branches.  He grabs an attractive apple and tugs until it finally snaps off.  I offer the bag, but Beluga sinks his teeth into it instead.

Mingus follows his brother’s lead.

Neither Mingus nor beluga are willing to put their eating apples down in order to pick more effectively.  I run between them as they grab apples one-handed and help them snap the stem.

We quickly fill our bag full of fruit, then reward ourselves with sugar coated donuts at the farm’s bakery with warm milk brought from home:)


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