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At breakfast on Thanksgiving morning, I tell the boys, “This is the day we give thanks for all the wonderful things in our lives.”  I gush, “I am so grateful for my family – for Daddy, and for you!”  And I explain that we will cook all day to prepare a feast to celebrate.  Mingus looks up at me, “I am grateful for our kitchen.”

I can’t pick a better moment than this to present Mingus with a new pair of scissors.  Yesterday, I was on the second floor of Zabar’s grocery store, picking up a couple extra pie plates, when I spotted what looked to be serious kitchen shears in the kids section.  They said “3+” on the back.  Hmm.  Most cooking kits for kids are really just for pretend play.   But, if I could design a tool for my scissor-happy itty-bitty cook, these would be it.  Thank you, European standards and Swiss ingenuity.  Thank you, Kuhn Rikon.  “Do you want me to cook a little?” asks Mingus, beaming.  Then, he drops his voice and clarifies, “I want to cook a little.”

Mingus cuts his way through a big bag of green beans.

Then he cuts up a loaf of bread for the stuffing.

Even while Beluga tosses fluffy little bread balls across the table, Mingus can’t take his eyes off his new tool.

“Is there anything else you would like me to cut?”  Yes!  Turnips.  We’ll have turnip bean soup.

“Is there anything else you would like me to cut?”  Sure! Chop up the leaves of kale – we’ll add them to the soup.

“Do you want to hear my kitchen shears song? …Move on kitchen shears, move on kitchen shears…” He assures me it’s an adaptation of a song he sings at school.

“Is there anything else you would like me to cut?”  Parsley… rosemary… um, there’s always something to cut.

We’re tasting and talking and laughing and sharing, side by side.  It’s a good day.



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