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I could sell you this cake.  I’d tell you its full of eggs and olive oil and rosemary.  But, we will slice it and dry it out.  It will become … biscotti – that honorable fate of poorly made cake.

We baked it on the fly.  Mingus had a whim to use a whisk and I went with it.  One thing led to another.

I should have known nothing good would come of five eggs.

But, I wanted Mingus to discover baking on his own terms.

Considering I let a three year old bake wild, the result is not bad.  But now, there is a cake in our kitchen and it is not the cake I want to eat.

At 1 and 3 years old, precision is not the strong suit of these particular boys.  And baking requires exact measurements.  It requires exact ingredients.  It usually involves many steps.  It requires nine different mixing speeds!


If I’m going to bake with my kids, I need to bring more to the kitchen than a cookbook recipe.  I need a plan.


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