Window Herbs

January 13, 2013   |   0 Comments
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“Have you noticed our herbs, lately?”

“O they’re pretty big.  Can we cut them?” asks Mingus.


For two months, I’ve gently reminded the boys, “The plants are young.  Taste one and leave the rest to grow.”  Now that they’re larger, Mingus announces, “We’ll only cut the highest ones.”

It is almost ceremonial, when Mingus says, “I’m going to use these scissors” and slices into the Parsley.

With eyes closed, he tastes the young leaves.

And there is delight that the long wait is over.

Beluga enters and is moved to graze like a cow among the herbs.  The brothers munch and moo together.

Mingus takes a break from his eating and jerks up, “Stop!  We have to let them grow!”  Protectively watching Beluga water their lunch, he concludes, “I’m almost an herbavore.”

The favorites: Parsley and Sage.  They sprouted quickly and have grown well.  Beluga thinks fried Sage with brown butter and butternut squash is heaven.  And Mingus seems perfectly happy to eat Parsley raw and by the fistful.


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