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March 11, 2013   |   0 Comments
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It’s still winter and fresh berries often taste like sawdust.  Those little fruits still pack a great nutritional punch, and so I’ve stocked the ice box with frozen organic blueberries, strawberries and blackberries.

I here feel obligated to provide a Warning:) Eating frozen berries by hand – as small children inevitably do – is a messy business…. but, that’s part of the fun, right?

I put the various berries out on their kitchen desks, along with a tetra-pak of almond milk and a banana.  No instructions.  I’ll provide some ingredients and let them discover the sm–thie thing for themselves.

At first, they’re happy to gnaw.

When I put the food processor in front of them, Mingus and Beluga fill it to the brim.  What bowl doesn’t beg to be filled?

Beluga fits the lid into place and Mingus objects, “I want to do it!”

“Why don’t you do the next step?”

Mingus is delighted to get first dibs on pressing the mixer button.  Beluga follows…

Turns out one turn at the mixer button isn’t enough.  Each of them presses it several times before Mingus removes the lid and takes a look inside.  He looks poised to dip his finger in.

“Don’t!  There’s a sharp blade inside.  Let’s get a couple of glasses.”

“No.  Four.”

It takes me a second to realize that my little 3 year old has decided he’s making food for the family, all four of us.

Mingus tastes their creation.

“Hmm.  It doesn’t taste very good.”

“What does it need?” I ask.

“Sugar.  Lots of sugar.”

I’m skeptical, but take a taste and he’s right.  They used too many berries and not enough banana.  We don’t have another banana on hand and I respect William’s assessment.  A squirt of Agave nectar and a pour of maple syrup later…

“That’s delicious!”

Thank goodness Beluga is wearing his purple shirt today.  I won’t have to use an entire bottle of Shout removing the stains.



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