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April 1, 2013   |   1 Comment
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I bought this bag of oranges in response to recent requests for juice.

We usually just drink water or milk around here.  But a recent trip to Cracker Barrel has cued the boys into the concept of juice, and they have been requesting it for several days now.

Their pediatrician assures me whole fruit is much better for them.  And, of course, it is delicious in its own right.

But, squeeze the juice out…

… and I mean all of it…

… and the result is pure heaven.

After all that work, I think the boys have earned their no-fiber juice calories.

Delighted with the result of his work, Mingus hides round 1 up on the counter (Beluga has been known to sneak treats that aren’t his).  He gets out two more oranges, giddy as he anticipates a full glass.

In the meantime, he’ll be slurping his spill right off the table.

Homemade Orange Juice
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2
Making orange juice is so much fun and so very easy.
  • 6 Oranges
  1. Cut oranges in half. An adult may need to help, but a child can have a lot of fun helping with a plastic knife. I find that if I start the cut, my two tiny kids can finish slicing through the skin.
  2. Using a reamer (and there are a variety that all work), a child can squish each orange half and extract the juice into a cup.
  3. After that, drink up!
An electric juicer is easier for young children to use than a manual reamer. Although it has a motor, it is very safe, and with it a small child does not need as much strength to accomplish their task.



1 Comment

  • Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl
    July 16, 2013 at 7:36 pm

    These guys are working hard for the orange juice, love it! Fresh orange juice is my absolute favorite, nothing can compare!

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