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Welcome to Pass the Knife.

We’ve thrown out the rules (Don’t touch the knife!) and brought our kids into the kitchen.  We cut, mash, assemble, mix, grow, procure, taste and talk about food.  Here you’ll find our successes and failures, our ideas and weird reality.  It’s a love affair – with food, and even more so with each other.

It began in college, when I first met my husband.  He romanced me with brie and raspberries; he taught me to savor those delectable treats.  Eleven years later, we’re doing the same with our kids.  They can’t talk about Shakespeare or Sartre, Milton Friedman, Jackson Pollock or Barack Obama.  It turns out, however, that they quickly distinguish between Manchego and Parmesan.  So the characters we talk about live in our kitchen, an arms reach away: salt, pepper, sugar, garam masala, grapefruit, olive oil, eggs, avocado, carrots, chive, mint, and… the list goes on.

Cooking, we focus on the process – discovering ingredients, learning skills and inventing our own family-friendly techniques.   If the result tastes great, it’s a bonus.  We don’t do anything where too much care or precision is required.  No one person is in charge.  Neither is a recipe.

The food we eat is vegetarian-leaning and paleo-inspired.  We cook with natural ingredients – vegetables and fruit, beans and legumes, good fats, whole grains, nuts, herbs, and the occasional spice.  Just good real food.


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